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Amitta Engineer

Academic Counselor

A Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College Mumbai, Ms Ameeta Engineer has expansive and rich experience in dealing with the human behaviour. She has assisted renowned scholars with prestigious research works dealing with complexities of human behaviour and their reasons thereof. Ms Engineer has rich teaching experience and she is adept at handling the psychological issues faced by both school-going kids and their parents. This, coupled with her rich experiences in the corporate world, makes her extremely capable of working tirelessly to help the students maintain high performances, not just academically but also in the extra-curricular activities.

Hetaxi Patel


She is a respectable and hard-working person. She started her journey of teaching profession at White Lotus International School since last 5 years. She has a receptive outlook and tries to enhance her knowledge in every possible manner. She enunciates her gratitude for the support and friendly environment that she got at White Lotus International School. . Presently she holds the post of academic in-charge of the Primary Wing.

Suchitra Rathod

Social Science Teacher & Coordinator

Is an efficient school coordinator adept at orchestrating seamless operations and fostering collaboration among staff and students and dedicated to ensuring a conducive learning environment and supporting the overall growth of the school.

Amisha Mishra

Biology Teacher

A passionate teacher dedicated to inspiring curiosity and fostering a love for the natural world in students. She breaks down complex biological concepts accessible through interactive lessons and real-world examples.

Roshani Rajani

Mathematics Teacher

An experienced secondary section Mathematics teacher well versed at delivering engaging lessons and ensuring strong conceptual understanding among students in accordance with the curriculum. She creates a supportive learning environment that promotes academic growth and success.

Khushbu Patil

Computer Teacher

An experienced computer teacher adept at imparting foundational digital literacy skills to students as per the school curriculum. Imparts technological proficiency and expertise through engaging lessons tailored to meet the needs of young learners.

Priyanka Karia

Mathematics & EVS Teacher

A Mathematics and EVS teacher passionate about nurturing young minds in foundational mathematics and environmental science. She encourages critical thinking and practical application of concepts.

Rupinder Kaur

Mathematics, Science, EVS Teacher

A teacher proficient in Mathematics, Science, and EVS, dedicated to providing a well-rounded education to primary students. She is passionate about nurturing curiosity and critical thinking skills across multiple disciplines to foster overall academic growth.

Shilpa Chhaswala

Gujarati Teacher

A Gujarati subject teacher dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat through language education. She is committed to fostering linguistic proficiency and appreciation for Gujarati literature among students.

Swati Tulsyan

Hindi Teacher

A Hindi teacher committed to instilling love for the language and its cultural significance in budding students. She creates engaging lessons that promote fluency, literacy, and appreciation for Hindi literature.

kanvi Jariwala

Science Teacher

She has an experience of teaching for 7 years. She inspires, motivates and encourages the new generation of learners and guides them to make a positive impact in the world around them. She executes lessons efficiently using different styles of teaching and engages students to ensure lively classroom atmosphere.

Kritika Paramban Rohilla

English Teacher

She holds Master’s and B.Ed qualification in English Language. She also has done TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages). She is a highly enthusiastic teaching professional who is eager to provide all students with a solid education. She has the talent for bringing the classroom to life with real-world examples and innovative technology and has proven ability for discovering students’ varying learning styles, ensuring each student’s unique academic needs are met. She is an encouraging educator who offers plenty of positive reinforcement to maintain a calm and controlled classroom.

Jaimangal Singh

Hindi Teacher

He has done M.A, B.Ed in Hindi subject. He has exceptional knowledge of language teaching methods and methodology. He has sound knowledge of the curriculum and syllabus of the language. He has immense ability to teach, learn and perform towards students’ success

Namrata Khanna

Pre Primary Teacher

Motivated Kindergarten teacher with ten years of experience creating individualized education plans for young students. She has proven track record of success in effective classroom management and diverse teaching methods

Jaydeep Contractor

Art Teacher

He is a professional graphics designer with a degree of fine arts. He is a confident and self- discipline person. He has 7 years experience of teaching. He gives drawing and painting demonstrations to students to teach them art techniques.

Jay Kosare

Music Teacher

He has completed Music Visharad in vocals in 2011 from Akhil Bhartiya Gandhrav Vidhyalay. Music is his passion and he does free lanced events all across Gujarat and other states. He has been in this field from past 10 years as a vocalist and instrument player. He can play instruments like Guitar, Organ and Tablas. His aim is to inspire and motivate the students to extend their skills. Also, he can teach the basics and some new play way methods to the kids and youth to enhance their knowledge about this beautiful art form ‘Music’.

Mukesh Punatar

Music Teacher

He is a professional Music teacher. He completed his degree in Mahagujarat Sangeet Vidhyalaya. He is a passionate, dedicated, and experienced music teacher with over twenty years of experience working with students in a private high school environment. He is proficient at playing drums, guitar, organ and violin. He monitors the progress of students and creates personalized improvement plans. He teaches basic music theory, sheet reading, and music history. He uses his leadership competencies and musical knowledge to teach students through a focus on relatable music.

Pooja Acharya

Dance Teacher

She trains students the techniques of dance. She can teach many forms like Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Ballroom, Salsa, Hip-hop, Folk, and also traditional dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam, Bihu from around the world. She has worked in a number of settings, from schools and private studios to community centers and gyms, and with an equally wide variety of students, from young children to elite professionals in premier companies.

Roshini Pachchigar

Pre Primary Teacher

She is very innovative with her teaching strategies. She fosters and facilitates the intellectual and social development of the children. She helps in understanding the child and developing emotional bond between the teacher & learner and helps in better insight to various developmental stages of the child, especially cognitive and emotional.

Sangeetha D.

Computer Teacher

She is a dynamic professional with 15+ years of successful experience into teaching a diverse group of students with an extensive pool of knowledge. Exceptionally skilled and focused Computer Teacher with a superb history of strong technological instruction. Proven track record in handling difficult situations and making students utilize and realize their full potential.

Shailja Awasthi

Hindi Teacher

She is a committed Hindi Teacher with a diverse ability to teach Hindi in public and private schools. She is adept at including important cultural elements into prepared lessons. Specialize in tracking students’ progress and setting attainable goals. She is someone who always implements effective behavior management processes in the classroom and strive herself on an ability to continually develop both personally and professionally.

Sheetal Choudhary

Hindi Teacher

She has done M.A, B.Ed in Hindi subject. She has cleared CTET level II in 2019. She motivates students to write better and discusses at length to understand student’s thought processes, and assists students in writing on their own. She carefully analysis questions and helps them to improve vocabulary building.

Sneha Bhogar

Social Science Teacher

She has exceptional knowledge of the syllabus and curriculum of social science. Remarkable ability to follow behavioral management plans, policies, and procedures. She has outstanding ability to work cooperatively with all members of the staff, strong organizational and team management skills.

Fatema Surma

Science Teacher

An experienced science teacher dedicated to igniting curiosity and critical thinking in students from grades 5 to 8. She is committed to making complex scientific concepts engaging and accessible through hands-on experiments and interactive lessons.

Hunaina Faruqi

Chemistry Teacher

A dynamic Chemistry teacher with a passion for inspiring students to explore the wonders of the chemical world. She fosters analytical thinking and nurtures a deep understanding of fundamental concepts in chemistry.

John Vedanayagam

Mathematics Teacher

An experienced Mathematics teacher dedicated to providing a strong foundation in mathematical concepts among students. He makes mathematics accessible and engaging through innovative teaching methods and personalized support.

Karan Karup

English Teacher

An enthusiastic English teacher dedicated to nurturing a love for language and literature in students. He lays the foundation for effective communication skills and critical thinking through engaging lessons and literary exploration.

Palak Jindal

English Teacher

An English teacher dedicated to laying a solid foundation in the language skills for primary learners. She creates a supportive and stimulating learning environment where students can develop their literacy abilities with confidence.

Raj Gupta

Accountancy Teacher

He has done Master of financial analyst from Tripura University and B.Ed from Singhania University Jhunjhunu Rajasthan. Professionally he is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has dedicated his 24 years in the field of Accounts and Finance and has guided many students to complete their professional study in the same field.

Anuradha Pandey


Our dedicated school librarian committed to fostering a love for books and empowering students through access to diverse reading cultures and supporting academic success within the school.

Trupti Naiker

Physical Education Teacher

She is a confident and hardworking P.E educator. She encourages students to participate in physical activities and helps them to improve their self confidence. She sought to learn as much as she can about sports coaching both academically and practically. At the Age 16 years she was awarded with M.P Govt. highest sports award named Vikram Award in the field of kho-kho and also got gold medal in university.

Pushpak Patel

Physical Education Instructor

Our physical instructor committed to promoting health, fitness, and teamwork among students through engaging physical activities and sports. He is passionate about fostering a lifelong love for exercise and instilling values of sportsmanship and discipline.

Sushma Adhikari

Front Office

The front office executive adept at managing administrative tasks and providing customer service ensuring smooth operations in a professional environment.

Hiral Shah


Diligent administration executive proficient in uploading information on school software and maintaining accurate records of staff and students. Experienced in ensuring data integrity and confidentiality while supporting efficient school operations.

Shobha Gambhir


A dynamic administration executive adept at strategizing and implementing marketing initiatives to drive new student enrollment and promote school growth. Skilled in leveraging diverse channels and innovative campaigns to effectively showcase the school's offerings and attract prospective students.

Nitin Patil


A detail-oriented accountant proficient in fee collection, salary preparation, and managing financial transactions of our school. Nitin is dedicated to maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while supporting the school's financial stability.

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