At Aster, Curriculum Development is a process that broadly
has four essential phases to make it complete and effective.

One of the schools many strengths is an excellent, highly qualified and multi-faceted faculty. The “young at heart” team lends variety and colour to the school and caters to the varying needs of the students. The ‘three golden rules’ followed by WLIS teachers: “To receive the child in gratitude from the world they come from; to educate the child with love; and to lead the child into the truefreedom which belongs to man.”

The WLIS faculty and other members of the team are characterized by their total and absolute dedication. Each one of them is selected after going through extensive procedures. Skills, competencies and attitudes are all taken into account before being appointed at the WLIS. Through ongoing professional development programs and workshops, teachers are kept abreast of the changing pedagogical trends. They ensure that their students not only enjoy learning but that they also have goals for themselves.

Individual attention is paid to each child and his/her success celebrated. Teachers at WLIS are equipped with qualities of both head and heart enabling them to don effortlessly the mantle of “guru”, “mentor”, “friend” or “parent”. The WLIS has an exceptional administrative and ancillary team which cooperates and synchronizes with the other departments to see that all systems are in place and that an environment conducive for learning is provided. Their synergy and dedication makes The Aster School- a school with a difference. WLIS experience and expertise in Education Management ensures that infrastructure and resources in all schools meet high teaching and learning standards. The primary focus of the education management team is to create policies and operating structures that meet world class standards of high quality education. The team also coordinates the entire range of school operations to ensure seamless integration of all services and provision.

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